Read The bible in three seasons

It’s The King’s Church Chesham’s Bible Reading Plan – a way for any of us to read through the whole bible in what we’re calling “Three Seasons”. This doesn’t mean you have to be done by Christmas, as this isn’t a “Bible in a Year” or even two years, or three! Each “Season” is intended to be a flexible period of time so you can read through the whole Bible at a pace that suits you.

Quite simply, we believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and that every single person can and will benefit from hearing what it has to say. Too often, we can find ourselves getting hung up on the challenges of reading the Bible – so as a church, we sought to find a way to support everyone in reading through the entire book and discovering the amazing things God says and does through it.

We officially launched on Monday the 29th April 2024 and we’d love it if you want to join us! This just means that resources will begin rolling out on that date, but you’re welcome to start whenever suits you. Remember that the whole idea behind the plan was to create something flexible that each of us can tackle at our own pace.

We’ve broken the Bible up into 12 parts, each containing around 100 chapters, spread across roughly 5 full Books, plus a section of Psalms and Proverbs which are spaced throughout the whole plan. That may seem a lot of numbers, but hopefully we’ve taken the maths out of it, so you can focus on the good stuff – actually reading it!

The books in each part have been chosen to give a rich variety when reading, without separating parts of the Bible that belong together. But you have freedom to explore the contents of each part in whichever order and style works best for you. So if three days of Job in a row have left you needing a pick me up, why not start day four with some of Mark, or a couple of Psalms.

We’ll be releasing a variety of resources to help you make the most of this incredible journey through God’s written word, and keep track of your progress every step of the way.

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Right here! Below you’ll find links to a variety of resources to help you along. There’s a variety of blogs, videos, short audio talks and more! As we’re only just starting this journey together, you won’t find everything here just yet. We’ll be adding more throughout 2024, so if you have questions, or there’s something that would really help you, then please let us know!

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DownLoadable resources

We know that not everyone works best online, and neither does every resource. So we’ve made some downloadable resources for you to keep, use and hopefully enjoy!
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