Our Friends and Partners

While we are an independent community Church, we believe that God also works through other Christian organisations and Churches too. Here are just a few of the groups we have strong relationships with:

Pioneer Network of Churches 

We belong to the Pioneer Network, a group that supports, strengthens, and connects Churches in the UK and across the world. Together we seek to play our part in spreading the Good News of Jesus, planting churches, developing one another as people and leaders, and making a meaningful impact upon the communities where we live. 

Churches Together for Chesham

Churches Together is a national movement which brings together Churches from a variety of movements and backgrounds. Its aim is to grow in our understanding of one another, and work together in making the gospel known throughout our nation. Through Churches Together for Chesham, we work with other Churches in the town to put on meaningful events and initiatives that demonstrate God’s love for our town. 

Evangelical Alliance 

Bringing together hundreds of organisations and thousands of churches, the Evangelical Alliance unites and equips Christians to share the gospel and live wholeheartedly for Jesus.