Meet the Team


No, we’re not just calling this lot old. As a team the Elders lead the Church, equip, and encourage our members, and seek to discern the plans God has for our community. Each has their own unique strengths, but all of them love God and want to see all of us know him better. (We promise they’re also friendly so don’t be afraid to say hello!)


Mari is a whirlwind of activity, full of ideas and always the first to step up and volunteer her time and energy. She’s passionate to see God move in peoples’ lives and is willing to do whatever’s needed to see that happen.


Sally is caring, compassionate and always looking out for the rest of us. Her heart is to care for people and in doing so, show them the love that God has for everyone. Alongside Eldership, she also serves as our Pastoral Worker.


Peter is usually our man with a plan. Which is good because he constantly amazes us with his ability to juggle 100 things at once and still have a smile on his face.


To say Martin is thoughtful doesn’t quite do him justice. Able to think about the big picture even while digging into the small details, we love having him on the team.








Josh does a little bit of everything; from helping with our admin to planning Sundays and doing his best to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

He’s a bit of a history buff, has loved audiobooks ever since discovering it was all the fun of reading without the eyestrain and passionately follows sport despite his own physical shortcomings.