Bible Reading – The Heart Behind it

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, given to us as a gift that
reveals the glory of who He is and what He is like. Through the Bible, God
speaks into our lives in countless ways – from giving instruction and guidance,
to encouragement, compassion and hope when we need them most. But most
important of all is the way it helps us to connect with Him and hear the voice
of our living God speak to us today.

But, for many of us, approaching and opening this brilliant book can be a
challenge. Perhaps you’ve found yourself asking questions like:

Where do I start?

What’s the best order to read through the many books it contains?

How do I make sense of difficult passages and unfamiliar genres?

Is it really still relevant today?

Well, we really believe that reading through the Bible is a wonderful,
valuable experience, that everyone can benefit from. And because of that, we
wanted to find a way to help people approach and explore this incredible book.
Our aim isn’t to go over each passage in minute detail, but to look at the
Bible as a beautiful whole, and uncover the full scope of God’s written word.

So, we’ve created a plan to help guide your reading through the whole Bible
in three ‘Seasons’. Each ‘Season’ has four ‘Parts’, making 12 Parts in all. And
you can work through each one at a pace that suits you! So by reading each Part
over 1 month, or 2 months, or 3 months, you can aim to read the whole Bible in
1, 2 or 3 years. One year means averaging about 3 ½ chapters per day; three
years would mean just over 1 chapter per day.

We hope that you find this a flexible, achievable and fulfilling journey. Whether you’ve read the Bible before in its entirety, have studied some parts and avoided others, or are looking to discover what this is all about, there’s always more the Bible can tell us about who God is, and how He’s called us to live.

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