What giving means to us

At one time or another we’ve all probably found ourselves feeling pressured into doing something when we didn’t really want to. It can be especially bad when this involves giving money. But when Jesus talked about giving, it was never about forcing or manipulating us into giving up our hard-earned cash. Giving isn’t something that we dictate as a Church, because it’s a decision for each person to make for themselves as part of their relationship with God. Jesus instructed us to give generously as part of our worship of him, and he cares far more about the generosity of our hearts than the depth of our pockets.

That generosity isn’t just something that we encourage in others, but that we seek to practice ourselves. As such, The King’s Church Chesham is committed to giving 10% of whatever we receive to other Christians serving God’s mission in the UK and around the world. Because everything we have ultimately belongs to God, and we want to use it generously to serve Him. If you’d like to hear about some of the other charities we’ve supported, please use the Botton opposite and get in touch!

this page primarily covers financial giving, but many people generously give their time, passion and expertise.
If you’d like to hear more about how to get involved, or have seen something on our website that’s caught your interest:
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Financial Giving

while we take a weekly collection on sundays, we know that many people prefer to give digitally via bank transfer or standing order.
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Gift aid

Gift Aid multiplies your generosity and makes every gift go a whole lot further. As a registered charity, the Gift Aid scheme enables us to claim an additional 25p from the government for every £1 on many of the gifts we receive. It makes an enormous difference to us as a Church and enables us to do more of what God has called us to do.

So, if you are a UK taxpayer, then please consider filling out a Gift Aid Declaration. It’s quick, easy and a real blessing to us.
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