Mid-Week Groups

Home Groups

Our groups meet throughout the week, usually in somebody’s home, and are based around four key principles:

Building Relationships

We believe that the best way to build community is to spend quality time together. Small groups are the perfect way to get to know people in the Church, so there’s always someone to share our joys and support us when times get tough.

Sharing Food
(And communion)

Food is important, throughout the Bible we see countless examples of the importance of coming together, sharing food and spending quality time as friends and family. We want our small groups to embrace that attitude with regular social events. We also encourage small groups to take communion together.


Joining together in prayer is one of the most vital and powerful things we can do. Whether it’s praying for each other, our communities, the world at large or just seeking to connect with God and hear his voice. Small groups are the perfect place to bring prayer requests, receive support and encounter God.


We love the Bible, and there’s ways you can explore it in a small group that you can’t do anywhere else. Each group may do it slightly differently; But no matter what form it takes, our desire is always to hear God’s word, get to know Him better, and encourage one another to live in a way that glorifies Him.

to discover more about our Home groups or find one to join:

Coffee & Connect

On Wednesday mornings we spend time savouring a cup of tea or coffee and delighting in each other’s company. Whether you’re looking to build new friendships, or spend a little time amongst friendly faces, everyone and anyone is welcome to join us.

At present coffee and connect takes place over Zoom, so you can get to know people even if travelling is a challenge. The drop-in nature also means that no matter how much or little time you have available that week, you can always stop-by to say hello to a couple of friendly faces.

Coffee and Connect runs on Wednesday mornings from 11:30am until 12:30am.