Parish Nursing


Chris Foster, our Parish Nurse, has been a qualified nurse for over 30 years and has had many years experience working as a community nurse in South Bucks. She is available to complement the work of the NHS, being able to give time to talk through health concerns and give personal health advice, to support the sick and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Chris is able to listen to spiritual as well as physical needs, and will pray with people when asked but will not pressure people to join a church. Parish Nursing has a strong foundation in Christian faith, but is offered to people of any faith or no faith.

Chris is also involved with Potter’s Village in Uganda – a place of refuge where babies at risk of death can be loved and given an excellent chance to live and thrive. See more about HealthTree Uganda on facebook.

The King’s Church Chesham is committed to safeguarding and Disclosure & Barring Service practices.