Our Vision

The King’s Church Chesham exists to fulfil the prophecy of Isaiah 61:1-3 by transforming lives and setting captives free, by loving both God and people excellently (Matthew 22:36-40).

We seek to be like David in the Cave of Adullam who welcomed the indebted, the distressed and the discontent, many of whom went on to become his Mighty Men.

Our Mission

To love, honour and worship God, allowing Him to transform, empower and inspire us,

To become a ‘community of grace’, where mercy triumphs over judgement – this approach is modelled by Jesus himself,

To be characterised by an optimism, warmth and informality that puts newcomers at ease,

To create relaxed and stimulating environments which encourage trust and openness, ongoing relationship and transformation,

To support and resource others doing the same both nationally and internationally.

Our Belief

The love of a perfect heavenly Father who longs for deep relationships with the people he has created,

The saving power of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the transforming power of the indwelling Holy Spirit,

The miraculous power of God in the twenty-first century, in response to the prayers of God’s people and their obedience to His revealed Word,

The potency of the church as a body of believers who inspire and resource one another,

The call on the church to bless the wider community spontaneously and consistently with deeds of mercy and grace, and thereby reveal the nature and character of God.

Our three central values that shape everything we do are:


The central message of the Christian faith, ultimately demonstrated by Jesus’ self-sacrificial death in our place, is that mercy triumphs over judgement. Thus God is our rescuer, desperate to save us. As a church we are committed to loving and serving everyone who comes through our doors, no matter what their history or situation, because radical love is what Jesus taught and modelled, what we have experienced, and what we find the Holy Spirit inspires. Love and mercy are both the root and the fruit of the gospel.


We believe that the Christian message has power to not just change individuals for the better, but that through principled and sustained action those individuals can right wrongs in society, and ultimately transform whole communities. As a church we pray for this, but also commit ourselves to individual and corporate action with initiatives such as the SPACE Support Group for parents with special needs children, and Christians Against Poverty, for those struggling financially, as well as supporting the Project Possible charity working overseas.


The Bible tells us Jesus came to ‘set the captives free’ and we place a high value on helping one another break free from the effects of negative influences and events in our past, and move forward into becoming all God created us to be.

The King’s Church Chesham is committed to safeguarding and Disclosure & Barring Service practices as per Thirtyone:eight
Our Safeguarding Co ordinators are Sally Gorton and Peter Reynolds