Our Leadership

We are an independent Christian church with strong relational links with other leaders and churches the King’s Churches at Amersham and High Wycombe.

Within The King’s Church Chesham, the elders and trustees are responsible for the overall direction and governance.

However, as the church has grown we have entrusted other individuals of gifting and character with responsibilities in line with their talents and experience, and thus now have three senior groups that work together to give depth, focus and dynamism to the many areas of church life.

We believe in recognising both the gift of leadership in individuals, and the value of relational teams as avenues through which Jesus builds his church. We are heavily committed to ensuring that people get the best care and help we can give them as part of our vision of loving one another excellently and of resourcing and stimulating deep personal transformation.

To facilitate this, assisting Rob Gorst, the church leader on a day to day basis we have Sally Gorton who works as our Pastoral Co-ordinator, Sue Gorst is our Prophetic & Spiritual Transformation Co-ordinator & Youth Leader, and Will Hawkins is our Children’s Ministry Leader.  To keep the church motor running smoothly we have Tracey Fenner working in the office (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) as church Administrator, supported by our volunteer David Pratley.