Lighthouse Men’s Group

We are a group of between 15 – 20 ordinary blokes, both married and single, young and old, who meet for bacon rolls and a mug of tea or coffee – to study the bible and talk. Yes you read it correctly, men actually talking!

Many men find it very difficult to discuss or share how they are feeling or thinking even with family or partners – Lighthouse aims to provide an honest, open environment where they can. We aim to provide an atmosphere which is fun and friendly, secure and supportive; a place where topics can be discussed openly, with the assurance of confidence, and without fear of being derided or judged. We study, debate and discuss the bible, learning from it and each other, to better equip us to live out our Christian faith in our everyday lives.

“Lighthouse began in Nov 2010, as a result of my own desire to have a better relationship with the Father; one of submission, intimacy and trust. Being a fairly typical male I found this very difficult to achieve and I was very aware that other men did as well. I tended like a lot of men to ‘bottle’ things up, to be self-reliant and very reticent in relinquishing control, even to God, even though I really wanted to and I knew it was what was needed.

Initially I looked at a small safe ‘select’ group that would not push me outside my comfort zone and one that I felt I could cope with. However, God had other ideas. I believe He spoke to me through a sermon by our pastor, Rob, a word of knowledge given to me by someone I trust, and a dream. All combined to make it very clear that any group needed to be inclusive and not exclusive, a place where all men felt comfortable and were made welcome. We have tried to make the Lighthouse such a place; where men can help and support each other ‘through the tides’ and ‘across the rocks’ of life, be accountable to one another and assist each other on the journey into the safe harbour of God’s forgiveness and everloving presence.”

So if you feel your relationship with God could be a little more intimate or if you just want to learn more about Him by studying the bible with a genuine mixture of ordinary blokes, with ordinary issues, then you would be warmly welcomed at Lighthouse.

~ Geoff